When I was pregnant with my first in 2015, Lisa was not a doula and was not even on her register to become one, but she wanted to help me (her sister in law) with labor and delivery and I was definitely not going to say no to help!
She researched all sorts of things in order to help me, like massage pressure points, positions and so on.
When it came time for me to give birth, Lisa was by my side helping me through the contractions and getting me water when needed or wiping my forehead to help cool me down.
She also helped me when I had a massive anxiety attack after delivery when something traumatic happened at the hospital during my postpartum recovery.
Very thankful that Lisa –before she even was a doula – was there to help with the delivery of my first and it’s been amazing to see that that experience made her want to pursue the doula life. -Christina Canfield